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Sunday Forum (10:15 to 11:05 am)

Join us in the Great Hall for presentations that stimulate our imagination about living the Christian life in this community, and in today’s changing world. Hear from our rector and lay leaders, as well as distinguished outside speakers on topics that challenge us on a wide range of current issues. Click here for recordings of recent Sunday Forum presentations.

Schedule for Upcoming Forums

Fall Series: "Faith, Values, and the Common Good"
Be just. Show mercy. Walk faithfully with our God. How do we steady our moral compass in a largely secular world that tells us, “me first”? Come to the St. Columba's Sunday Forums this fall to hear prominent speakers share their commitment to building a better world through the choices we make.

How do we, as Christians, respond to issues like income inequality? Do we have a responsibility for all people? Further, what can we do to advance the work of restoring hope, understanding Islam and the West? What is the Christian perspective on the coming election? How would Christ have us respond on his behalf?

Come explore these questions with us, and more.

Sun., Sept. 25
Faith, Values & The Common Good:
"Critical Issues of our Day Viewed Through the Lens of Faith"

Ray Suarez, St. C's parishioner, broadcast journalist and host of "Insider Story" on Al Jazeera America will present.

Sun., Oct. 2
Faith, Values & The Common Good:
"Speaking Truth to Power: Faith, Advocacy and Environmental Policy"

Jayce Hafner, domestic policy analyst
The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations
Come explore our faith calling to engage in policy advocacy, critical environmental issues facing our nation as we approach the 2016 elections, and ways that we can effectively leverage our Episcopal voice to advocate for the environment.

Sun., Oct. 9
Faith, Values & The Common Good:
"Faith in an Era of Rising Inequality"

John Sides and Tim Massad, St. Columba's Episcopal Church
Is American society becoming more segmented by income and educational levels? If so, how should we as Christians engage with this reality? This forum will explore both the facts about inequality and the difficult social and theological questions that arise when we confront these issues in our community and country.

Sun., Oct. 16
No Sunday Forum
Fall Parish Meeting

Sun., Oct. 23
“Faith, Kids and the World”
Iman Green, diocesan youth and family missioner
Episcopal Diocese of Washington
Hear about faith in the home, and how it shapes our kids for the world from Iman Green who works to support our parishes in their mission to help youth and families grow spiritually.

Sun., Oct. 30
Faith, Values and the Common Good:
"America and the World on the Eve of the 2016 Election"

David Ignatius, columnist and associate editor, The Washington Post
David Ignatius will offer a personal view of the political and global scene at a time when, to many of us, the world's problems seem to be accumulating and the ability of political institutions to cope with them seems to be diminishing.

Sun., Nov. 6
Faith, Values & The Common Good:
"Looking Past Election Day"

The Rev. J. Philip Wogaman, former senior minister at Foundry United Methodist Church in DC
This Sunday Forum falls but two days before a momentous presidential election (and aren't they all?). In this session, we will refrain from taking sides between the candidates; but instead try to illuminate how faith, values and the common good are involved in the political realm. Shortly after the election our attention will shift from, "Who will govern?" to "What should be done?" The focus will be to help attendees understand the meaning of political power, how it relates to the values of a people and how those values relate to our deeper faith. How our values can translate into commitments to the common good?

Sun., Nov. 14
Faith, Values & The Common Good:
"Reconciliation and Healing"

Parishioner Panel Discussion
The Sunday after the election is a time to remind ourselves of our ministry of reconciliation as Christians. A panel of parishioners will speak of their own hopes: What is your hope going forward? How do we find healing in our country? What do we have in common that unites us? Bring your own thoughts to share.

Sun., Nov. 20
Rector's Forum
The Rev. Ledlie Laughlin, rector, St. Columba's Episcopal Church

Sun., Nov. 27
“The Just About Perfect Story”
Ray Suarez, parishioner and broadcast journalist, host of “Inside Story” for Al Jazeera America, will be expanding on the nativity narrative.

Sun., Dec. 4
"The Path toward Spiritual Awareness"
A not-to-be-missed Sunday Forum with David Gregory, news correspondent, former NBC anchor and “Meet the Press” host, who will present "The Path toward Spiritual Awareness."

Sun., Dec. 11
Rector's Forum
The Rev. Ledlie Laughlin, rector, St. Columba's Episcopal Church

Sun., Dec. 18
No Sunday Forum
Decoration Sunday

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