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Arranging flowers by the candle tree.

Every Sunday of the year, except during Lent and Advent, flowers decorate the Church Nave and the Great Hall. These arrangements are crafted by the Flower Guild, a faithful group of parishioners who bring the beauty of Creation into our worship.

After Sunday services, the flowers are rearranged in a number of smaller baskets for delivery to parishioners to mark the joy of a baby’s birth, to give thanks for a special service to the church or to offer sympathy and hope when there is illness, crisis or grief. Deliveries are handled by the Flower Delivery Team.

The Flower Guild is also available to provide flowers for weddings and funerals as a ministry to the congregation.

Parishioners can make donations for flowers as a memorial or in celebration of a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, which is recognized in the Sunday bulletin wrapper. The standard donation for flowers is $75, but a contribution in any amount will help defray costs. (It costs $225 to provide flowers each Sunday.)

Please complete a Flower Request form and send it with your donation to the Flower Guild, c/o St. Columba's Episcopal Church, 4201 Albemarle Street NW, Washington, DC 20016. Make your check payable to St. Columba’s, with Flower Guild in the memo line, and include the Sunday you wish to mark as a memorial or celebration and write for whom the flowers are given and for what occasion. Click here to fill out a Flower Request online.

The Flower Guild always welcomes new members. Training is provided and there is an annual education program. Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas are special for the Flower Guild, as all members can participate in the decoration of the church for these occasions.

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